A Real(ty) Valentine for Picture This

I have known Evelyn since she moved to Victoria in 2012, when she enlisted my help in finding a home. As my client, she amazed me with her ability to view a property and instantly see what structural changes needed to be made. She was able to move walls, staircases, windows, doors. She could do a floor plan in her head in minutes. I was dazzled by Ev’s technological expertise and her talent as a designer, and our conversations centered on her idea for an interactive three-dimensional program that would help consumers visualize layouts, locations of doors and windows, flooring, colours and furniture placement as they contemplate buying a home.


Since that time, Evelyn’s vision has become a (virtual) reality. She is the founder and CEO of “Picture This,” a dynamic company of software programmers who combine 3D programming with new and evolving technologies to give consumers an amazing multimedia experience.


“Picture This” represents a brilliant opportunity for Victoria realtors: a truly comprehensive one-stop service, including floor plans, photography, brochures, and furniture sales as well as interactive 3D imaging. The unique service is transforming the sale of real estate, allowing agents to showcase properties in a way that maximizes their client’s buying experience, even if the client is out of town or the property is in need of renovation.


I am very excited for Evelyn and the creation of her successful venture. It has been an exceptional journey and one that has been an honor and privilege for me to witness. She has succeeded in creating a product that the industry needs and has been waiting for, and I encourage all Victoria realtors to try it out. You will be delighted you did!



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