Canada tops New York Times’ list of “52 Places to Go in 2017”

November 29, 2016

When one of the most prestigious and reputable news organizations in the world ranks your country at the top of its “52 Places to Go in 2017,” you notice. When that country is revealed to be none other than the Great White North itself, you might simply receive a collective “thank you” from the folks living just upstairs.



That’s a little piece of terrible Canadian humour for you and something The New York Times may (but almost definitely did not) have taken into consideration when ranking Canada as No. 1 on its recently published list of “52 Places to Go in 2017.”

Competing against the likes of top-ten entries such as the magnificent Atacama Desert in Chile and Agra, India — home of the awe-inspiring Taj Mahal — it seems like Canada would have its work cut out even making the upper echelon of such a list compiled by The New York Times. But here we are, sitting atop every other place in the world.

Sorry, we haven’t really mastered this bragging thing yet. It’s not really our style.

But this is cause for celebration. The headline reads “a northern neighbor is a world to explore” and Canada is just that when you think about it. Geographically speaking, it is the second largest country in the entire world yet most people outside of it only recognize big cities like Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto — thanks, Drake.

The reality is Canada’s sprawling natural landscape make it a destination with a world of possibilities. From the stunning shores of the west coast to small east coast fishing outlets in the Maritimes and everywhere in between, Canada has so many places people haven’t seen or heard about and that’s part of what makes it such a special place to see.

Of course, there are also some financial incentives for visiting Canada if you’re heading up from the United States as well. With the 150th anniversary of its confederation occurring this year, Canada is offering free admission at over 200 of its national parks and historic sites. If that wasn’t enough, the weak Canadian dollar also makes it a desirable destination for Americans to visit.

There’s something for everyone to see and experience. Whatever pace of life suites you best, Canada has many offerings in many different flavours. And if you end up loving it as much as the people who live here do: stay.

With plenty of space and opportunity to grow, Canada is a great place to work and build a life. No pressure, it’s just a fact.

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Give us a try, eh. Nobody will even notice you’re not Canadian.

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