People have difficulty

visualizing change. We solve

that problem by allowing them

to virtually replicate and

decorate their living spaces.


Picture This Today 3D Inc. is a technology company that has developed software and procedures that enables high quality 3D visualization. Specifically, this technology allows for the replication of physical properties into a 3D digital format and also for the creation of 3D models of the things that can be placed inside these virtual properties; furniture, wall coverings, floor coverings, etc. The end result is that the user
can decorate a space and experiment with endless combinations of furniture and other decor. They can see how real products will fit and look before they decide to buy.

This technology has been used locally in Victoria BC since 2014 to virtually stage homes for the real estate industry. Going forward the company has a vision to provide all homeowners with a 3D replica of their entire home to help them visualize the decorative and renovation changes that they’re considering. Although the software is ready to go to market, the supporting databases and eCommerce capabilities
have yet to be implemented. So to realize this bold vision, Picturethis3D has established a strategic partnership with a Toronto-based company (Qalius), to set up the necessary databases and eCommerce support within Amazon Web Services. Once this project is complete, Picturethis3D will be able to sell software licenses and 3D visualization services worldwide.

The company was incorporated in British Columbia on September 4, 2014. It has focused almost entirely on research and development through 2019, with a small team strategically aligned with with experts in various software development fields. Its potential has been recognized as revolutionary through various awards, the National Research Council, Global Affairs and BC Innovation.